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How Does SEO Work After Google Panda, Penguin Update and Are You Wondering How To Choose The Right Partner to Outsource Your IM Business?

That is a question that is being asked by many business owners, traditional internet marketing professionals. Google is busy fighting spam content. Google has taken it upon itself to free the Internet of varying degrees of spam, black-hat riddled websites, poor content, and almost anything else that doesn’t serve the searcher or reader. The seemingly inconspicuous question “Does SEO still work?” has spun off multiple threads on SEO forums and Q & A sites.
Having been in the SEO business for a long time, we are here to give you a big hand regarding your IM strategy. So, what do we offer?

SEO Virtual Assistant offers various standard IM services as Web Development, Search Engine Optimization, Content Writing, Data Research, Customer Support with the affordable price of $100 a week for a staff available 8 hours a day and 5.5 days a week. You can communicate with the assistant via email or direct chat.

Our VA Skills:

With $100-$125 a week or $400-$500 a month, you can hire one dedicated full time SEO VA from us (8 hours/day x 5,5days/week) that is well trained in

- Setting up niche site, On-Page Optimization, writing content and Off-Page SEO later.
- Squidoo lens or Hubpages creation ( (including accounts set up, posting article/blog, adding picture, video etc)
- High PR web 2.0 posting (including accounts set up, posting article/blog, adding picture, video etc)
- Article writing and submission  (including accounts set up, posting article/blog, adding picture, video etc)
- Press release writing and submission
- Contextual link wheel or link magnet
- Video creation and submission
- Relevant forum or blog discussion
- Local business listing submission
- Document/PDF sharing site submission
- Social Media Optimization.
- Account Creation on, Onlywire, Twitter, Facebook, Google, etc
- Some Admin work

We can also design custom plans for clients after analysing their websites using SEOMoz tool.

We are currently offering 1-2 FREE DAYS for Trial for you to test out and see how our services go.  After that, if you think we’re a good fit to your needs, we can sign up in contracts and start our official cooperation from there.

Please send your requirement to

or contact us via Skype ID:  Globolstaff02 or Joni0605

For anything else, please feel free to send us an email.

We look forwards to serving you!